Uh, I knew it had been a while since I last updated, but I had no idea it had been that long. Months! How is it possible for time to go by so quickly without my even noticing? Lord, it's almost Christmas, and the end of the year.

Part of the reason I didn't realize that it had been so long since I wrote anything here is that I am writing all the time. Basically, if I'm not sleeping, I'm working on some kind of writing. Translations, which aren't quite the same thing but still count (sort of), academic essays, posts to various forums, various and sundry other projects. Even the (very) occasional e-mail.

But I do miss having the journal, also as a sort of record. I have a few unfinished entries sitting here, and I see that they are all rather long and introspective, the kind that take a lot of time and energy to write. And in the final analysis, they're probably not that interesting to read, and when I look back at old entries the ones I tend to be more interested in are those that remind me of things I've done, rather than my own self-analysis. Not that the latter sort can't be interesting, too, and since I generally take more care in writing them they're probably better in "quality" (whatever that means), but I most like looking back on other people and events.

So I think I'm going to try doing a bit more of a diary for the next few weeks. And since I'm clearly insane, I have even signed up for Holidailies. I figured it would be a good incentive to update often. Why I chose to do so in a month when I have four major academic essays to write, a huge hobby project to coordinate, miscellaneous other tasks with firm deadlines, and the holiday season looming that sets a minimal requirement for socializing... well, I chose to do it now because this is when Holidailies is done, that's the easy answer. Whether I'm crazy for doing so is another matter. We'll see.

I have had a few minor adventures in the past few weeks, so I should manage to come up with stuff to talk about. I just won't be able to talk about it at length. If nothing else, this may be the way to finally guarantee that my entries will be short. Er. More like normal people's, instead of the novelettes I tend to churn out when all my writing energy is directed here. See, it's a win-win proposition!

Case in point, look here: I'm done! My first entry in ages, and it's about one-quarter of the usual length. Never fear, I'll see you back here tomorrow.