Today has been an utterly exhausting day, following hard on the heels of yesterday, which technically didn't end until 3 a.m. this morning. It's confusing, I know. Suffice it to say that I am very tired, and so I'm going to temporarily interrupt the endlessly fascinating tale of my recent voyage to the tropics (have I ever finished writing about a trip? I think not, at least none outside of Europe. I may have issues.). I plan to be going to bed before too long, and hope that I will not be plagued by insomnia yet again, or kept awake by snoring. (Lately the worse culprit has been Vicki, not Dario. That cat snores like a drunken sailor at times.)

It is a three-day weekend, which is supposed to be relaxing, and maybe it will. I have to sort out my work schedule, because after months of drought I am now swamped with translations, most of which come with short and/or unreasonable deadlines attached like a noose, but which I cannot afford to turn down (see above in re: drought). Tomorrow I am going back to the doctor, which means the whole morning is shot. My main reason is to bring in the results from the lab tests I took before I left, for whatever they may be worth at this point. I'm no doctor, but some of the values are really off, and I don't know whether that's normal for tests on samples taken after I'd almost completed the nuclear antibiotics.
Also, yesterday and especially today, my back is aching in that very spot. Not the acute pain of the early days, just a dull soreness. Maybe I've been sleeping or sitting in awkward positions, it could very well be my actual back this time, and not my internal organs, on which I'd never really dwelled in the past. I'm just a little twitchy at the moment. And I have a low-grade fever this evening that may simply be from fatigue, but I'd rather not take any unnecessary risks in light of recent events.

Sunday we're going to the beach with Fabio and Cristina for seafood, at the amusingly named Ristorante Il Lurido. Hee. Dario has been making himself laugh all week at the thought. He is less amused at the thought that little Riccardo may be coming with us, which sounds terrible but really, the child is exhausting. Adorable, really an extremely good-looking little boy, and smart, but he is 3 and a half and thus has three and a half times the energy of all four adults put together. The idea of going on a car trip, even a relatively short one (it's about an hour each way) with him is a little tiring, not to mention the fact that the restaurant is reputed to be rather posh. If he comes along we obviously won't say anything and I'm sure it will be fine, but it would be nice to be able to spend some adults-only time together. (Which sounds like porn, but alas, our life is nowhere near that exciting.)

The excuse for this little jaunt is to celebrate their new car, which came while I was away. Fabio and Cristina have terrible car-ma, which you may (but probably don't) recall if you've been reading for a while. They've had cars stolen, been in miraculously non-fatal hit-and-run accidents with brand-new cars, only to have the replacement brand-new car be dragged down the street by a careless truck. This case is no different, since they ordered the car last spring, and were told it would arrive before the August holiday. Two or three months is normal waiting time for a new car, there's simply not enough space for dealers to keep many on hand; the plus side is, you always get exactly the color and optional features you want. Well, assuming your car actually arrives, which theirs did not, despite repeated assurances by the dealer. They finally ended up canceling their order and going to a different dealer. Now, about 8 months after they first bought it, they have their new car.
Thus, cause for celebration. Also a chance to live vicariously through those who are not driving ten-year-old Opels (but we love our Adalgisa all the same!).

I may have to either skip writing on Sunday, or cheat a little by putting up something I've already written for another purpose. We'll see.

Monday is a holiday, meaning that I will make all kinds of plans to be productive in my myriad projects and around the house, but will actually spend most of the day sleeping and Web surfing. I am unlikely to change out of my pyjamas during the day.

Speaking of pyjamas, I'm going to get into them now, and hope to be sound asleep by 10. Wish me luck.