The 'Crunch' went quite well, though of course not exactly as planned. I'll spare you tales of rotten fruit and the wrong kind of goat cheese, and just note that everyone ate far too much, and everything that did get made was greeted with enthusiasm.

We've spent a lot of the last few days sleeping (or, in my case, trying to sleep). I think we're both fighting off some kind of bug, complaining of occasional headaches and sore throat, but nothing serious or persistent enough to really be classified as any actual illness. Also, it's been a pretty exhausting year, and we deserve some rest now that things have calmed down a bit. I'm sure life will get hectic and stressful again soon enough; we might as well make the most of this bit of down time.

After an extended afternoon nap, we finally cleared the table and washed the mountain of dishes that had been sacrificed to making this meal. Honestly, I don't really understand household physics. Somehow, two people manage to generate their weight (or at least volume) in garbage every couple of days, and a relatively simple meal for four requires about six dozen items including plates, bowls, and assorted utensils. It seems kind of out of proportion, doesn't it? I think we must be doing something wrong, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Once we'd completed our act of heroism for the day, vanquishing the mess, we settled on the couch to watch the traditional Christmas horror movie. (As opposed to the traditional Christmas Eve romantic comedy; contrary to stereotype, Dario usually picks both. He appreciates a good chick flick. I love that about him.) This year's selection wasn't thrilling, some movie filmed in Canada by an English director who claimed, in the 'Making of' extra on the DVD, to be making a statement about American society. Whatever. It wasn't bad, and provided an excuse for the three of us to snuggle on the sofa, two of us sipping eggnog, so no complaining here.

Then it was time for bed again. See, nothing much to report, but a nice, relaxing, family-based, drama-free holiday. Just the kind I like best, and exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Santa came through for me this year.