Janus Moment

Looking forward, looking back. That's what we do this time of year, right? Why else start the year in a month called January?

So, I'll bite. It's practically required, I think, anyway. Since 2005 was a complicated year (is there any other kind?), it might be easier to group things together.

High points of 2005

Fred, belly-side-upFred. That's my cat, in case you're uninformed. I adopted her in February from a local shelter, and my quality of life improved immeasurably. Not right away, to be honest, since she was very sick with a respiratory infection and things looked pretty grim for a while. But we both pulled through, and she's now healthy and happy and makes me laugh many times a day. She's also the best behaved cat I've ever had; for a while I'd thought of getting another, but I think I'm better off quitting while I'm ahead.

Stockholm is beautifulStockholm. I went to a conference in Sweden for a few days in July, and had an awesome time. It was a stimulating environment, the people were fantastic, and the setting was magical. Best trip I've taken in ages. My only regret was that I couldn't afford to stay around longer.

Fall semester. This fall I loved all my classes, and my professors were amazing. I learned so much, and actually started to feel somewhat competent. (Which of course means I'm setting myself up for a big fall soon, but I'm just going to bask for the moment.)

Turning 40. Who ever would have thought? Some switch deep inside finally flipped, and I stopped dreading the new decade. I actually started looking forward to it, as a matter of fact, and so far I have been very happy as a forty-something. I had a terrific party: Dario was even here, so we could celebrate together just as we celebrated our 20th birthdays together when we first met. A lot of people couldn't come for various reasons, but we had a good group and I think everyone had a great time. The restaurant where I had it is an... unusual kind of place, and everyone was treated to a free tarot reading. As the birthday girl, mine was extra-special, and it was also a terrific reading. Plus, I had the prettiest dress in the whole world.


Low points of 2005

Getting sick. Last February I came down with a nasty case of bronchitis, teetered on the edge of pneumonia for a while, and experienced for the first time the unpleasantness that is being very ill when living alone. There was a good side to the experience, though, since it gave me the wake-up call I needed to start taking better care of myself. That became a theme of the year, which certainly was a good thing.

Spring semester. Even though I did fine academically, it was kind of a rough time. I was still jet-lagged from my winter break in Italy when the semester started, which pretty much set the tone for the weeks to come. Giorgio went into the hospital the night before I left to come back, and was in and out all spring. Getting sick myself threw me even more off my game, and as a result I spent most of the term feeling behind and lost. I think a lot of it was part of the natural growing pains involved in any intense process of change, and I guess getting a PhD would count as one of those.

I think that's it. Hard to complain about a year with more high points than low, right?

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