good Date

So tonight, I had a good date. Such a good date, that I didn't come home alone.

More, including photos, once I stop jumping around. Why on earth did I think I could continue working normally with a brand new (to me) motorcycle sitting right outside? I have no idea.

I am beyond excited. This may be my shortest-ever entry, and normally I just would have skipped it and held off until tomorrow, but I couldn't wait. I want to call everyone I know with the news--even my two friends who say they want to support me, but absolutely hate that I'm doing this. (Actually, I already texted and/or emailed both of them. They are just afraid I'll get hurt, which is understandable.)

That's it. Anything else I might have had to say about today has been magically erased by the fact that I now own a motorcycle. Hurray!

Meanwhile, here's what it looks like, even though this isn't a photo of my actual bike (the only difference is that there is no URL along the rear decal):

A 2005 Ninja exactly like mine