Not a special entry


[Adapted from a message to the notify list]


You know, I've been meaning/trying to write an entry for ages now, but I'm having trouble with it. My problem is that I somehow convinced myself that it needed to be A Very Special Entry, well thought out and carefully structured and polished and whatnot. Unfortunately, I really do not have the time or energy to write anything structured or polished these days, hence all the off-putting putting-off.

I haven't even been keeping up very well with the webloggy-thing (which definitely needs a better name), at least in part because of the VSE hanging over my head. I've backed myself into a corner, convinced that I shouldn't write anything else until I write the VSE, unable to muster the will to do so, and effectively trapping myself under a piece of very heavy psychological furniture.

So I decided, the hell with it. There will be no Very Special Entry at all, because really that just makes everything a little too wanky (and I realize it's pretty funny to be discussing degrees of wankiness within the whole online journal thing to begin with). My journal is hardly an op-ed column, and the VSE is not exactly a subject of global significance. There's no point trying to write a fancy essay about it.

For the few people left on the planet who don't know, I can--despite considerable evidence to the contrary--sum it up pretty briefly: I'm moving to the States, Philadelphia specifically, to work on a PhD.
There, see how easy that was?


Quick FAQ about the move:


1. Is Dario going with you?

No. However, the current plan is that he will come and visit in August, and I have a return ticket that will have me home for Christmas. As far as what this means in terms of the long-term big picture, your guess is as good as mine. Our catchphrase has become "vediamo cosa succede". So, you know, we'll see what happens.

2. When are you leaving?

The second week of May. I wanted to make sure I had time to find an apartment, get settled in, and get past the worst of the culture shock before the start of the school year.

3. What about Vicki?

I will miss her like crazy. She will probably drive Dario batty with her neediness and constant demands for attention. Then again, he's been used to dealing with me all these years, so I figure he can handle it.

4. What do your in-laws think about this decision?

They don't really understand it, and they are sad about me leaving, but they are very supportive and have already fought a few battles on my behalf. I have the best in-laws in the whole world.

5. Why are you doing it?

Um. Because I'm crazy, impractical, and have a strong masochistic streak? That's probably a pretty good guess.

6. When was all this decided?

Well, I only received my formal acceptance from the university last month, but this plan has been in the works for almost a year, since last May. Told you I hated keeping my own secrets.

7. How long are you going to be living there?

Probably at least 4 years.

8. What are you going to do afterward?

I have given up trying to predict the future. Life is just too full of surprises. A lot of those surprises are pretty cool, too, if you let them be. So I'll just wait and let myself be surprised when the time comes.

Wasn't that better than a Very Special Entry? It was for me. Shorter, too.


PS: The background? From a picture Dario took just a couple of weeks ago. Now, it's definitely springtime. The picture, appropriately enough, shows the road leading out of Trebbo.